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Thunder Production Announces Movie Based on Nepal’s First Plane Hijack

Kathmandu / Thunder production company has announced the making of a feature film, which is based on the first plane hijack of Nepal.

The makers has also released the first look of the movie through a poster. The movie is named, 9NABB; the identity number of the plane which was hijacked by the Former Prime Minister of Nepal in early 2030 BS.

The movie is being directed by Bijay Karki, under the banner of Thunder Studios. The storyline of the  film is in the final stage. Some of the renowned actors are reported to star on this historic-event based movie.

9NABB will be released on Jestha 28 of the year 2083, exactly 53 years after the event.

The hijacked was conducted to fund the the armed revolution against the Panchayat system. The main architect of the incident was BP  Koirala.

According to Bijay Karki, the film will provide the closer look to the historic event, which is recognized as one of the important act for the multi party revolution. “The movie will provide some hidden yet realistic narratives. It is important for us to know what really happened thats why we are presenting it in form of a movie. We are working closely with people involved and stakeholders,” he said.

“It will unfold how the event was planned, how it was executed and what happen aftermath,” he added.

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