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Finance Minister Dr Mahat meets his Chinese counterpart Kun

Kathmandu : Finance Minister Dr Prakasharan Mahat and Finance Minister of China Liu Kun held a meeting on Monday during the sidelines of G-20 meeting in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

Various issues of mutual interest and bilateral relations were discussed in the meeting, according to Dr Mahat’s Secretariat.

“Both ministers shared the same opinion that both sides are sensitive to each other’s interests and concerns while Dr Mahat expressed his gratitude for China’s continued assistance to development endeavours of Nepal.”

The two finance ministers also discussed the commitment of aid made by the President of China during his visit to Nepal in 2019.

On the occasion, Minister Dr. Mahat expressed his belief that the projects on roads connecting the two countries from the important transit points could be an important area of aid and that the relevant agencies of both countries should do their homework and move forward soon.

He also expressed hope that the Tokha-Chhahre tunnel way construction project will be implemented soon.

In response, Chinese Finance Minister Kun expressed China’s desire to help Nepal’s development and expressed his belief that the cooperation projects will be implemented soon. (RSS)


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