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# Pragya Bastola


On a Saturday. I felt very lazy to wake up but also have a work given by my mother that was, to go to the temple at 6:00 o’clock. I made my things for puja and return back to home. I felt very cold and I wore my sweater then I did my work. Although it was summer it was very cold not like the summer. I thought that morning shows the day it could rain. It was the time of 11:00 o’clock we have our lunch. After having lunch my little sister Pratigya and I were watching television. Immediately the light was off and suddenly the house began to move then we recognize an earthquake had going on. after then we tried to get out of the house but we can’t due to the moment of the house we sat at the door. My mother Bhima Bastola hugged us after some time I was very unconscious and I can’t control myself. After a few time we get out of the house and went to the road there were many people who were crying, running and searching for their children here and there. The security person was coming with a loudly sound of mike for aware to go safe place so we went to Singh durbar compound for our safety.


After a few minutes, we reach a safe place, my father Yam Bastola told me that the historical monument Dharahara was fallen and many of the people were capture in the broken pieces of Dharahara and some of them were lived and many of them have died. We knew an unbelievable news that One pair of couple were top of the Dharahara they fallen from there but luckily they both were alive.

The place where we live was not much destroyed by the earthquake. We heard the news of the temples and road which were destroyed. We saw a different type of temples and roads which were destroyed, broken, and cracked in my father’s mobile. All of our relatives called us all to have the same question that was are you fine, what had the house been and are you safe, Basantapur durbar square, Bhaktapur durbar square, Manakamana, Kathmandu durbar high school and the old school which was really very old were destroyed likewise the temples, Dewalaya, Shivalaya, party place, and other many world heritage were destroyed.

Nepal’s first prime minister Bhimsen Thapa had built Dharahara. It was destroyed on the first floor. It was raining all over the day. My sister and I were enjoyed but my mother and father were searching for a tent, place, and food to eat and drink but anywhere we also manage it.


There were many people’s some were a small child and some were old once. They were roaming around here and there and small Children were asking for food. My father went to the tent and I also followed him. We were roaming around for a tent suddenly we saw the place where was crowded and we went there was tent difficulty we get small tent we made a small tent house for survival. It was very difficult for us because the land was wet due to heavy raining at yesterday night. Anyway, my father and mother were collect the food for us. The whole day we ate junk food like Nudels, biscuits, etc. Again to again the earthquake was going on at about 5.2, 4.5 magnitude and we stay at the tent for the whole night. It was raining all over the night due to this as well as also fear of the earthquake we can’t sleep as well. We live very dangerously at that night this is the very strange and danger event/night in my life.

सम्बन्धित खवर