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The first cohort of Study Group Online international students begin innovative Accelerated pre-Masters Programme endorsed by Lancaster University

Kathmandu : Students from around the world keen to study at postgraduate level have begun a new programme this month to prepare them for Masters Programmes in the UK. The fully accredited online programme is delivered via the acclaimed Insendi learning experience platform, which prioritises the human learning process over technology and is focused on providing the highest quality interactive experience for students.

According to Study Group Chief Executive Officer Emma Lancaster said, The new Online Accelerated Pre-Masters Programmes enables our students to start their educational journey remotely, wherever they are in the world, offering an important route to postgraduate study in the UK. The course gives students the prerequisites they need for Masters courses in areas such as Business and Finance theory, study skills, and of course the essential English language skills that will ensure they can succeed academically when they progress to University.”

The Insendi platform, which has been chosen for the programme, creates an environment where knowledge and skills acquisition are experiential and intuitive for students. It has already been used to support the delivery of elite executive education programmes at the University of Oxford in the UK, Johns Hopkins University in America and ETH Zurich in Switzerland.

Natalie Cryan, the Product Director for Student Experience at Study Group also welcomed the launch of the new programme and commented, We are delighted to expand our digital education offer with our portfolio of new postgraduate preparation programmes, delivered through the cutting-edge Insendi learning experience platform. Created with the evolving needs of international students in mind, our online accredited Pre-Masters programmes are accessible from anywhere in the world via the student’s own computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. In this time of tremendous change and digital transformation for the education sector, we are proud to have created a comprehensive, effective approach to postgraduate preparation programmes that centres the students and provides them with the knowledge and confidence they need to achieve their academic goals.”

Every Pre-Masters course is taught by international education experts, enabled by Insendi’s innovative learning experience platform to deliver the very best community-based learning experiences using a pedagogy-first approach to digitally dynamic learning. Students will experience a broad variety of learning approaches, which is further enhanced by personal tutorials, small group workshops, live sessions with the option to watch back recorded sessions, anytime and anywhere.

About Study Group:

 Working with over 50 universities around the world, Study Group’s reputation and expertise in international education ensure success for our partners and students. From outstanding teaching to innovative approaches to international recruitment and student support, our global organisation is united in working with universities to build a better world through education.

Through our university partnerships and innovative face-to-face, online, and hybrid study programmes, Study Group guides thousands of international students each year towards academic and professional success – creating opportunities for the next generation of industry experts. Our courses range from pathways to undergraduate and postgraduate study delivered in partnership with universities across the world, to the specialist online delivery of medical and executive education.


Study Group is always looking to the future, working with our partners to provide education solutions. Our in-depth digital education expertise and Insendi digital learning platform help us to deliver transformative, intuitive and accessible online and blended learning experiences with the most powerful digital tools available. Study Group is the current Global Education Investor Awards Pathway Company of the Year: 

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